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Amanda Coulman, Walt Disney World
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Meet Amanda

Favorite Port of Call: Mykonos
Favorite Walt Disney World Attraction: Haunted Mansion
#1 Destination on Your Bucket List: Turks and Caicos

Amanda is a dedicated advisor with a burning passion for crafting unforgettable experiences for families and busy professionals. Her mission revolves around helping you weave cherished memories and meaningful moments through the tapestry of your travels.


Amanda will ensure that every journey is meticulously designed specifically for you. Through tailored personalized proposals and crafting detailed itineraries that resonate with your unique vacation style, Amanda’s expertise lies in the art of matching you with your dream destination, securing exclusive dining reservations, organizing seamless ground transportation, and meticulously monitoring for discounts and flight options. She will delve into the intricacies of your vacation, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed.


“When we collaborate, you are not just a client; you are a VIP deserving of the best travel experience. My commitment to you is unwavering and I will treat your vacation with the utmost care, ensuring you feel at ease throughout the entire process.”


One of Amanda's guiding philosophies is encapsulated in her favorite quote: "The beauty of travel is that someone's ordinary becomes your extraordinary." Amanda believes in transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures, that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Amanda has obtained certificates from the College of Disney Knowledge, Disney Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages, Royal Caribbean, and is a Universal Orlando Resort Specialist. This extensive training equips her with the knowledge needed to curate exceptional experiences tailored to your needs.


Additionally, Amanda collaborates closely with several outstanding tour operators, ensuring you have access to a wide array of options for whatever your preferred destination may be. Embark on your next journey with Amanda, and she will craft a seamless, unforgettable, stress-free adventure!

Virgin Voyages, Certified First Mate, Gold



"Amanda is Amazing! I will never travel without her again and wish I had her for all of my previous travels. She took all of the stress away, especially when I had a cancelled flight. Without her doing all the work/calls I would not have made it home so quickly. Personable, professional, pleasant, so easy to talk to, excited to get you everything you want, makes sure things go well and is genuinely happy to help with anything. She treats you like a loved one, with care and passion for what she does."

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