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How To Choose the Right All Inclusive Resort for Your Next Family Vacation

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

You’ve been dreaming of a trip to Mexico or the Caribbean. You love the idea of showing up and having everything taken care of so you can enjoy the tropical vacation of a lifetime.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

There are hundreds of resorts to choose from across Mexico and dozens more on each Caribbean island. How do you decide which one is right for your family?

There are three things you should consider when getting started:

#1. Take others’ opinions with a grain of salt

Try posting, ‘We’re considering a trip to Mexico for spring break! What resort should we go to?’ on Facebook.

I can guarantee you’ll get at least half a dozen resort recommendations, maybe a handful more of ‘don’t go to this resort’ comments.

That resort may (or may not) have been the best fit for your friends’ vacations, but that doesn’t mean the same will be true for you.

What’s important to you and your family when you vacation is unique. Resorts are not one size fits all and just because The Smiths loved XYZ Resort - doesn't mean you will

#2. Decide on a budget

Remember when I said there are hundreds of resorts to choose from?

One way to narrow down resort options is to determine what you’re willing to spend on your vacation.

Think about everything that you want included - food, drinks, activities, accommodations - and decide on a per person or per night cost that you can use as a starting point.

#3. Consult a travel advisor

If you want to find a resort that meets your family’s needs and budget, you need to consult a travel advisor.

I partner with a variety of resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean; each resort offers its own unique experience at a wide range of price points.

Most importantly, the resorts I partner with offer consistently quality vacations.

Why waste your time and money doing the research and gambling on the resort a popular booking engine is promoting this week?

Call me. Email me. I can save you hours of internet scouring and recommend a vacation destination that’s right for you.

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