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The Dish on Disney Dining Plans

We are often asked if the Disney Dining Plan is "worth it". As your travel advisor, we'll provide insight based on your family, your dining interests, your budget, and your habits. Like with any component of your vacation, we consider your needs and make suggestions to help you make the most of your vacation and investment.

Here's reasons why the Disney Dining Plans can be valuable for guests.

They are a helpful budgeting tool.

Having a dining plan offers peace of mind and predictability. Guests go into their trip having prepaid for the majority of their meals and snacks, knowing they've spent a set amount before their trip. It leaves the unknown of how much each check and transaction will add up to "off the table". This is appreciated by planners and those wanting to stick to a budget, with less worry about how much menu items cost. Many families prefer having a more all inclusive feeling to their vacation.

a family enjoying their meal

You can take advantage of a savings on your meals.

The dining plans can provide a savings as compared to paying out of pocket for your meals. How much a guest may save depends on the exact items ordered or purchased, as they vary in pricing. Your Whimsical Wishes Travel Advisor can provide tips to help you make the most of your Dining Plan. For example, save up some snack credits for food offerings at EPCOT festivals, these are a great use of snack credits!

a family at Chef Mickey's in Disney World

There are options to meet the varying needs of guests:

  • The Disney Dining Plan is designed for guests that want to enjoy some sit down meals, where they can slow down and delight in a full service dining experience. And this plan includes character dining locations, which can be an advantageous way to use table service credits!

  • The Quick Service Dining Plan offers guests who prefer to eat on the go a plan where they can enjoy casual meals on the fly.

a family having lunch in Disney World at Hollywood Studios

They offer flexibility.

Dining Plan credits are issued upon check in at their resort and are good through midnight the day the guest checks out. All of the meal entitlements are issued all at once and can be used on any day of the stay. So, for example, if you want to save a few snack credits for your time in EPCOT to use them for food at a festival, you can do that. Or, if you have two table service reservations on the same day, that's OK!

The list of participating locations is quite long, with over 225 dining locations where guests can use the Disney Dining Plan!

Parents enjoying an EPCOT festival

Get all the snacks!

We like to say that having Dining Plan snack credits make us nicer moms and travel partners. Want a churro? Sure! Want a specialty cupcake? Absolutely! Want a Pineapple Dole Whip Float? Go for it! Want tacos and sushi at an EPCOT festival? YES! We have a bunch of snack credits!

girls having Mickey ice cream bars in Disney World

For details on what's included in the Dining Plans, visit our Walt Disney World page ang explore the Packages.

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