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This is Magic

There’s one place on Earth where every little moment overflows with magic. You’ll know it when you feel it. It’s stepping into your favorite worlds from your most cherished Disney stories and becoming a part of them.

It’s meeting the Disney heroes you love...and the Disney villains you love to hate. It’s singing the songs you’ve sung countless times with more people than you can count. It’s feeling every twist and turn from a thrilling ride. It’s the first bite of a Mickey Ice Cream Bar that stays with you forever. It’s the explosion of excitement you experience as the night sky lights up with bombastic wonder.

Now there's even more to celebrate with the return of any time Park Hopping and Disney Dining Plans! Plus, date-based tickets no longer require Park Pass reservations.

Your Whimsical Wishes Travel Advisor can help you experience the magic for yourself in 2024. Reach out to them today or click here to get started.

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